Adam Leadbeater is a famous actor and has worked in a great number of serials. His work includes serials like, True Blood, Lost, Alias, The Unit, Charmed, Sheena, and Dr.Vegas. Adam is also a hard working Voice Over talent for such projects as Chester Cheetah and numerous other projects like "Lord of the Rings: Battle for the Middle Earth II-Rise of the Witch King, Twisted Metal: Head-On, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Awakening. Adam plays Jimmy the mechanic in the film Beware you'll have to see for yourself if Chester Cheetah (Adam) uses up his nine lives.
Alex Livinalli graduated from the same high school as Andy Garcia, Mickey Rourke, and Brett Ratner (Miami Beach Senior High) After he enrolled in Miami Dade College to major in theater. He studied under Keith Cassidy, working in such plays Julius Ceasar, K2, and Short Eyes, and was a member of MDC's Improv Troupe. Soon after that he started working on a number of different short films, leading to bigger projects. In 2008 he landed a supporting role in THE NEXT HIT (2010) opposite Fredo Starr (Moesha) and Lark Voorhies (Saved by the bell) It also featured Hip-Hop artists Florida, Rick Ross, and Noriega. After that he continued working in indie films until landing a lead role in UNEARTHED (2010) . He stars opposite Betsy Russell (Saw 7), Max Martini (The Unit) and Benito Martinez (The Shield). To this day Alex has worked on over 40 independent films.
Alexander Penate Valdivia (born February 9, 1975) Is a Cuban American Actor and Magician.He started to perform magic since 2002 and became member of International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M) as an Actor he started going to Burt Reynolds acting school on 2009 since then he has performed in very short roles and extras jobs. He also did a commercial project called (Another career builder success). I starred on my first movie called (Beware) as a redneck. Today he is still pushing forward with his career as an Actor and Magician.
Brandy Whitford, born in Northlake, Illinois, was raised in De Motte, Indiana from ages three to nineteen. At thirteen, Anna and Lawrence Whitford (her parents), signed her up at Barbizon in Chicago, Illinois. She would take a two hour bus ride to get to the closest talent school she could attend once a week to further her knowledge and begin gaining skills she thoroughly enjoyed learning about-acting and modeling. During high school, she flourished in classes such as drama, speech, psychology, and business management. She graduated from Kankakee Valley High School in Wheatfield, Indiana in 2004 with an Academic Honors Diploma. After graduation, she moved to Florida. In April of 2009, as an extra on the set of "Burn Notice," she discovered her true passion and drive in life (other than her son Antonio Whitford): acting. Right away, she enrolled at The Acting School of South Florida in Hollywood, Florida. She completed the Conservatory Program while participating in short films to get hands on experience. In her first year of acting, she acted in 18 short films and a feature. She continuously moves forward in her passion of acting. On the side, she also does promotional modeling.

Cecilia Huete was born in Rosario Argentina. Since early years she chose acting as a carreer and decided to come to the US to pursue her passion. Her first short film won an award in the Miami International Film Festival, after that she has been in several films in Spanish and English such as : De repente el Alba, Carpe Diem and Conundrum. In her owns words: "My happiness is the challenge of being part of this industry, my desire is to find a role that will remain in our memories"
Born and raised in south florida Christine Curran has always been a rising entertainer. She started as a musician and dancer in high school and has now become a full time model and actress. Her career began as a hobby. While going to college she would do photo shoots during her spare time. Surprisingly it really took off when the economy took a hit and so did her full time commission job. This was her chance to chase her dreams. With a degree in marketing and advertising, Christine got right to work networking and applying for gigs in south florida.
Darlyn Hodgson began seriously pursuing acting in high school while performing in several theatrical productions. She continued to act in her college theater department and expanded her knowledge by participating in different phases of the productions. Darlyn's acting credits include several short films including an MTV Production. She has studied under the direction of Nick Roses of Miami and Los Angeles, and The Actor's Workshop with Martin Halac and Hector Zabaleta in Miami. She has also studied TV Hosting and Anchoring techniques. Darlyn is fluent in Spanish, accomplished with Middle-Eastern dialects, an experienced Meringue and Salsa dancer and print model.
Eddy Acosta was born and raised in Hialeah, FL. This up-and-coming star did not immediately enter the acting business, having started his public career as a martial artist in South Florida. Throughout the '00s Eddy gained a reputation as a formidable fighter via participation in various local competitions. He vividly recalls one bout where he stopped beating on his opponent upon getting the feeling that he was "missing something" - and realized that it was the audience feverishly chanting his name. It was then, after receiving the heady rush of adulation, that Eddy decided he wanted to pursue a career in the spotlight.
Edward Madera was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Since Edward was a young guy he always knew that acting was his true passion. But it was in 2006 when he began his acting career under the instruction of Hector Zavaleta and Master Martha Zavaleta, creator of Televisa's Artistic Training Center, responsible for the formation of stars such as Paulina Rubio, Thalia, Erika Buenfil, Edith Gonzalez, Arturo Peniche, Timbiriche and many more. After all these years Acting became his profession. He continued his artistic training in Mexico at the prestigious acting school, Casazul, belonging to the renowned production company Argos.
Fernando Vieira was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, but grew up in New York City, where he started his acting training at the legendary HB Studios. He has participated in TV shows such as "Damages"(2007) and "Six Degrees"(2007). He has participated in various films such as "It Wasn't for Love" (2008), the award winning "Suddenly, the Sunrise" (2008) and its sequel "Ocaso" (2009). Mr. Vieira is also a screenwriter and has written, produced, and starred in various films, such as "Night Heat" (2008) and "The Last Day of Laura" (2009), which marked his debut as a film director.
Izzy Martinez was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico and moved to Phoenix, AZ with his mother and sister when he was ten. After finishing High School he went on a pilgrimage to his native island and that's when he found his love for the arts.. He knew all his life he had the passion for performing given his father and grandfather are and were musicians in Puerto Rico. The acting bug decided to take a bite and he had the acting fever. Since being a performer all his life his inclinations was for theater but the love of movies and TV lead him to go for films. This started by taking classes with The Actors Studio, coached by Sherry Faith in North Miami, Fl. He learned the method style with Mrs. Faith and continues to develop his craft by taking classes and workshops. He still has love for the theater and his favorite acting instructor from the past is Chekov.
Lorena King was born in small town in Southern California called El Centro, and she was raised between El Centro and the Mexican border city of Mexicali, Baja California. Lorena is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and is very proud of her heritage.Growing up in a Mexican household, Telenovelas were part of her everyday life and ever since Lorena was a little girl, she wanted to be an actress. As a child she was very interested in performing and started dancing, theater, guitar, and modeling lessons throughout her childhood and teen years. Lorena was part of a dance group of four girls in her early teens and had the opportunity to open concerts for "Mercurio", a Mexican boy band, performing before an audience of 10,000 spectators.
Omar Carballo was born in Rio De Janeiro Brazil. He speaks Spanish English and Portuguese. He has a B.A. in legal studies with a minor in communications, as well as a Law Degree and studied acting at The Actors Studio in Miami. He is a classically trained actor with back ground in theater. His teacher was Ilse Earl who studied with James Dean and Marlon Brandon at The Actors Studio in N.Y.C. back in the 50's. He was a U.S. Navy veteran and served with the Marines as a Petty Officer, Navy Corpsman (combat medic). He has a law enforcement background and experience in police media relations. He is also an independent film producer, writer, director. And have a couple of film projects and reality shows in the works. Check me out on the IMDB.
Oriana Falkie is a Colombian actress that was raised in Spain.Most of her acting background has been from European Theater. She did her theather studies in Darington College of Arts in Totnes Devon She has bben doing collborative work with Annamona Poland at Berlin in Theater Kreuzber and Maria GOnzales in Lacueva. Her classical acting is rooted in such greats as Federico Garcia Lorca, Shakespeare, and Bretch. When she moved to the United States she began to study film acting, soap opera acting and also did film studies at the Miami FIlm School. She also produced, directed, acted and eidted her own short "NIGHTMARES" which has played in many festivals.
Actress, Model, Host Rosina Grosso is Co-host of "Sabado Gigante" on the Univision network, with a rating of 100 Million viewers world-wide and holds the world record as the longest running television show in history with 47 years. She was born on October 3 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her father Eugenio is Italian and her mother Emilse is Argentinian/Italian. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian. She and her family moved to the United States when she was 6 months old and was raised in Queens, New York. There she studied at St. John's University and received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Communication Arts with a minor in Business Administration. After college she and her family moved to South Florida where she began studying acting.
Orestes "Tico" Chavez was borned in Cuba and raised in Miami, Orestes has studied acting under the direction of Martha Zabaleta and Hector Zabaleta. Martha, an accomplished actress has coached countless stars in telenovelas in Mexico while working for Televisa. Hector, her son, opened his acting school in Doral, Florida after his acting career. Has also taken workshops with Carlos Perez and accomplished actor in telenovelas and now acting coach for Venevision. Has appeared in telenovelas such as "El Rostro de Analia" , "El Juramento", "Las Fantasticas", and "Mas Sabe El Diablo" . He also starts in an Internet series that is currently under production, "Se Me Fue La Vida" and started in a television series that aired throughout Central and South America called "Nececito Una Amiga". Aside from this, he has appeared in several movies such as "Miami", "Libertad" and countless short films.
Tim Kaufman
Víctor Manuel González was born in Querétaro, Mexico and began his acting career in Televisa, a Mexican TV network. Likewise, he also attended several acting training involving movies principals, corporal and verbal expression, etc. By 1995 Victor got his first opportunity as an actor in the novella "Bajo un Mismo Rostro" (Under the Same look). After that he worked in "La Paloma" (The Pigeon) and "Pueblo Chico Infierno Grande" (Small Town Big Tragedy) another Televisa production. In this last one he worked with the renowned Mexican actress Verónica Castro. Equally important, he then got a role on "Mirada de Mujer" (Woman's Look), where he shared credits with big novellas stars as well.
Vivi Pineda is a bilingual actress, host and model. She holds a degree in Finance & Marketing and has worked in Corporate America. But during these years she never lost her passion for acting and continued her pursuit even while holding a nine-to-five job. Throughout her acting career, she has been featured in several films, telenovelas, commercials and print campaigns for local, national and international markets. Including "Lost Angel" (Winner "Best Feature Film" at The Delray Film Festival) as Isabel Serrano, "Promises" (Treasure Coast Film Festival & Delray Film Festival) as Cindy, "A Mistaken Look" as Ashanti,"Michael Smith" as Elizabeth Graham, and "If I Were A Dictator" (Delray Film Festival). She has also appeared in many short films including "Snake in the Woodpile" (Delray Film Festival) "A Night with Amanda" (Delray Film Festival), "Red Room", "Dead Lift" and "Hunters of the Sun" just to name a few. Vivi has also been featured in the popular spanish soap operas "Perro Amor", "Mas Sabe el Diablo", "Amores de Luna II", "El Rostro de Analia" and "Pecados Agenos". She is currently working on new projects including a web series and two feature films; More projects are in the works!
Anthony Mayor is a nine year old fourth grader living in El Centro, California. Since an early age, he has been involved in different activities such as sports, gymnastics, piano, tap dance, acting, and martial arts. Anthony has been in martial arts since he was 5 years old and practices three different types, Chun Kuk Do, Taekwondo and Karate. He is currently a Red Belt First Degree and is always the loudest at tournaments. Antony started playing the piano when he was six years old and won first place two years in a row in his school's talent show playing the instrument. He has been involved in theater since the summer of '09 and enjoys being on stage. He frequently participates in the Missoula Children Theater Company, allowing him to gain theater experience.
Michelle Mclaren, has been seen in countless Adult Films and broke into mainstream films last year in Sacha Baron Cohen's "Bruno". Soon after she was picked for a role in the upcoming movie "Beware". She tours the country headlining clubs. If you'd like to know more about Michelle visit her website.
Lawnette L. Mundy was born in Philadelphia, PA and raised in south Florida. She's loved the arts since childhood, particularly Communications. She studied the craft from the age of 12 right through graduate school at the University of Central Florida. Despite her passion for behind the scenes, Lawnette delved into acting for the very first time for her role in Beware. Ironically, she is absolutely terrified of scary movies... Lawnette's currently a Creative Services Editor for Olympusat, an affiliate of Ocean Communications Inc.

Kimberly Spake is a 35 year old Florida Native, born in West Palm Beach. She studied Drama and Chorus at Forest Hills High School and is a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broad Casting. She performed in live cast versions of the Rocky Horror Picture Show for many years, specializing in the Role of Janet Weiss. She performed the role of Janet at the 2008 Delray film festival with Actor Barry Bostwick in attendance.

Kim has also trained to be a pin up girl and has done multiple photo shoots. She joined a local Burlesque troupe (The Boudoir Beauties) and performed at many South Florida Venues, including the Cuillo and Paradiso Theaters and was a regular performer at the Kevero Art Bar. While with the “Beauties”, she developed multiple characters and individual acts under her alias “Legs Monroe”. She was interviewed about her Burlesque acts by WPBF channel 25 and the Palm Beach Post. Prior to joining the Beauties, she performed briefly with the Sexy Kitties.